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        Talent Recruitment
        Current position:Home >> Join Us >> Talents Policy

            SGW knows very well that talents is the key for a company’s long-term development. Under the guidance of the company’s talent strategy SGW actively extends employee’s personal development space and personal career development path for employees.

        Our company will provide good welfare treatment to all of our employees:Welfare benefits
        1. Fair promotion mechanism to each postion, stock ownership incentive to the super human beings.Stockholder's rights drive for excellent R&D people
        2. A good salary: five social insurance and one housing fund,bonus includes basic bonus,project funds,year-end bonus,special bonus and so on.Competitive salarys
        3. Working hours:9:00~12:00 a.m. 1:00~5:00 p.m. (one week 1 day off,another week 2 days off)
        4. Provide free working meal (four dishes with one soup )and good accommodation.Free working meal
        5. Nice talented person grooms mechanism.Full Training systemss
        6. Rich cultural life.

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