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        Talent Recruitment
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        R&D Designer Intern

        Job Description

        1. To do the designs on the microwave related products 

        2 . To be the assistant for the R&D designer, like sample tuning, testing date record. 

        3. Help to solve the production issues and feedback the information. 

        4. Other works


        1. Degree required: Electrical Engineering background with 2+ years work experience.  

        2. Good communication skills and term worker.  

        3. English:Reading and written ability is preferred  

        4. Others:Major in Microwave or Electrical is preferred




        Job Description

        1. Finish the assigned tuning production  

        2. Tuning according to the craft Strictly 

        3. In charge of the processing quality and respond the quality issue in time.  


        1. Good communication skills and term worker.  

        2. 1+ Electricity tuning experience is preferred  


        Address:ADD:J03-B,No.22 Liuzhou Road,Pukou District,Nanjing Contects:Mr.Bu Ms.Yang   Contact person:Mr.Pu/ Miss.Yang

        Contact phone:025-68193000-805/813   Email address:SGWHR@cn-saigew.com

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